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A Mark of Distinction for Environment-friendly Shooting

The Green Shooting Card is issued by Film Commission Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FCHSH) for individual projects by national and international producers who verifiably shoot their films on location in an environmentally friendly manner. It is a seal of approval for movie and TV productions, certified by the City of Hamburg as European Green Capital 2011, which includes FCHSH recommendations on how to reduce energy consumption and waste on the set.


A registration with Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein emphasizes the respective production’s level of reliability, which can facilitate communication with location proprietors. At the same time, the Green Shooting Card can simplify cooperation with the City’s permit issuers. For the productions themselves, the Green Shooting Card signifies a mark of distinction, which documents and communicates their contribution to the protection of the environment.


Besides its function as a mark of distinction, the Green Shooting Card is used when applying for shooting permits / special use permits / shooting in stopping restriction areas with public location proprietors and the police (the shooting card number is registered on the location sheet).

Please note: The shooting card does not entail an examination of a production’s contents. The shooting card has no effect on the extent or restrictions of shooting permits, directives issued by authorities or other ordinances. In no way will Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein be held accountable for any actions undertaken by the holder of the shooting card. For further information please contact Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein. The shooting card does not substitute shooting permits.

Who is eligible?

Any production that can verify shooting in a “green” manner can obtain the card. Besides information on the production company, the company address, the address of the production office, the shooting schedule, a staff list, and the current script alongside a daily call sheet, a list must be submitted of how the producer intends to reduce the use of energy in at least three of the five ensuing points to shoot the current production in an environmentally friendly manner:


The reduction of electrical waste, the recycling of scenery and props, the use of biodegradable and reusable materials such as wood and fabrics.


The use of regional and seasonal produce, the reduction of plastic cups and plastic bottles, the use of own cups and drinking glasses, the general separation of waste.


The use of recycled paper, electronic call sheets, the double-sided printing of paper, the deployment of a “green runner” as environmental officer on the set, the separation of waste and the use of green electricity in the office.


Carpooling and the use of city-bikes for short and non-urgent errands, the use of energy-efficient lighting and fixed power sources on the set.


The use of energy-efficient lighting and fixed/rechargeable power sources on the set. Avoidance of generators.


Co-operation partners

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Green Film Shooting

Based on a leaflet of the same title, which was published at the 2013 Berlinale, journalist Birgit Heidsiek tackles the issues of sustainability and environment protection in the film industry on her website. It features up-to-date news and background information on the topic of Green Film Shooting.

Hanseatische Materialverwaltung

Hanseatische Materialverwaltung is the main contact point for set building materials and ideas. It is where Hamburg’s cultural institutions, public schools, universities, artists and associations collect the materials they require for their social, ecological or creative projects. HMV collects materials and objects in a central warehouse, thereby creating an open collection that allows for the realization of new ideas – sustainable and creative!

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